Pure wellness moments

At our Spa you’ll be able to choose between several itineraries, massages and beauty treatments in order to live a moving research to authentic wellness. Garden Spa offers you personalized solutions dedicated to body and face for a real sensory experience.
  • Ayurvedic Treatments
    Ayurvedic massage: relaxes the body and fights stress

    -30 minutes 35,00 Euros
    -60 minutes 48,00 Euros
    -90 minutes 60,00 Euros

    Pindasweda massage: deconstructs muscle and improves elasticity of the skin
    -60 minutes 48,00 Euros

    Stone massage: increases vasodilation and loosens tension and stress
    -60 minutes 55,00 Euros
  • Relax Treatments
    Californian massage: The body recovers the natural state of well-being and is flooded with positive feelings

    -60 minutes 55,00 Euros

    Candle massage: vegetable candle-based butter oil relaxes the skin for a moisturizing and relaxing massage
    -60 minutes 55,00 Euros

    Total body: an intense positive feeling will cover the entire body
    -30 minutes 30,00 Euros
  • Fitness Treatments
    Theese treatments in order to restore the metabolism and functionality of the major parts of the body

    Theese treatments have the purpose of restoring the metabolism and functionality of the major parts of the body.

    Lymphatic drainage massage: generates a feeling of immediate well-being throughout the body.

    -45 minutes 50,00 Euros

  • Beauty Treatments
    Within the center all basic aesthetic treatments are provided to meet any need such as:
    - Manicures, Pedicures with application of semi-permanent enamel
    - Facial Treatments such as cleaning and anti age
    - Specific Treatments for every type of skin
    - Radiofrequency
    - Solarium
    The services offered are enriched by sensory and emotional pathways in the spa, diamond tip of our spa.

Lucio & Francesca, our team SPA

Francesca will follow you and advise you on aesthetic treatments, relaxing paths and rituals.
Lucio will develop with you treatments of "remise en forms" and physical psychic relaxation.

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