Tortelli di burrata con pomodorini, punte di asparagi e basilico

Disponetele la farina a fontana, aggiungete uova, sale e l’acqua necessaria.
Impastare fino a che il composto sia omogeneo e consistente.
Tirare la sfoglia e disporvi la burrata creando i tortelli, da cuocere poi in acqua bollente salata.
Fare un soffritto con olio e aglio porro poi aggiungere gli asparagi e i pomodorini tagliati a metà.

Scolare i tortelli, aggiungervi il condimento e…
Buon Appetito!

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    The ideal location for business meetings and moments of aggregation. We look forward to celebrating your team's successes or the career goals that you have been pre-determined, we will be happy to make you unforgettable for you with our welcoming spaces and the presence of an attentive but discreet staff.
  • Vegetarian, Vegan and Celiac Foods
    Respecting all lifestyles that are for ethical reasons or for intolerance or allergies, our chefs can engage everyone's palates with intense scents and tastes even for those who have specific needs.


Our rich Breakfast buffet is our special way to wish you a sweet wake up and a great day!

In order to cuddle you from your awakening , we’ll give you a special experience rich of taste, quality and cordiality in a cozy and and bright room.

The sweetest tooths guests can savor freshly baked croissants, delicious homemade cakes, toasted bread with butter and jams or taste a fragrant and crispy waffle, together with our tasty coffee and hot drinks.

The savory breakfast lovers can choose between a wide selection of Umbrian cold-cuts and local cheeses together with fresh bread. Besides, they can opt for our energy scrambled eggs with bacon and fresh fruit juices. Lastly, for those who prefer light meals, our café will offer you nice crispy cereals and muesli  together with fresh yoghurt and dried fruit.


Start your day in the best way!

Una brigata giovane desiderosa di crescere e di stupire ogni giorno.

Bob, Vincenzo, Alessio e Claudio Vi aspettano per farVi assaggiare la cucina umbra ma rivista attraverso i loro occhi e il loro amore per il cibo.

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You do not have to be a guest of the Hotel to taste the flavors of our restaurant.

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